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Hey! I’m Kris Vire. If you’ve made it this far, I assume you care about theater in Chicago. Congratulations on your extremely niche interest!

After more than a decade on staff at Time Out Chicago, covering theater (and a lot of other things, but mainly theater), I was laid off in May 2018. I quickly found a few new freelance homes, writing reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times and theater listings and features as a contributing critic at Chicago magazine. But with shrinking space and budgets for criticism at legacy publications, I found myself seeing more shows I wanted to write about than I had outlets that could make space for them.

So in November 2018, this experiment was born. Paid subscribers to this newsletter will get my exclusive reviews of Chicago productions direct to their inboxes. Free-tier subscribers will get an occasional digest of teases to premium reviews, links to my work elsewhere, openings, closings, recommendations and more.

I get reviewed, too:

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